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fmLogAnalyser - never miss another bug!

Posted by Russell Watson on 7 January, 2014 at 4:05

Don't you just hate it when your code breaks when pasting code into FileMaker?

- especially when you don't notice for ages!

(...and when pasting between files, or across database versions things break ALL THE TIME!)


Maybe you've already heard of the import.log file? that FileMaker writes info and errors to when you paste or import code into FileMaker.

Well, it is a really neat feature, BUT ...

the import.log is a pain to trawl through for errors

- especially if you are using Notepad on Windows!

Can you believe it? Many FM-developers I know, know about it, but do not use it, because it is so difficult to read.


The import.log file is the


What you need - what every FileMaker programmer needs - is fmLogAnalyser!

fmLogAnalyser makes finding your pasting errors a piece of cake!

After pasting code into FileMaker, simply open your log file in fmLogAnalyser...

...and a huge button tells you immediately if everything is OK (green) or not (brown), and if not ...

fmLogAnalyser turns your log into a TO-DO list!

Just press the big button and work through the bugs one by one until they are all done. The location of the error (file, script name and exact script step position) are shown clearly at the bottom.

Together with fmSyntaxColorizer (and line #s) you can

find errors in a fraction of the normal time

Once you have corrected the issue, just tick it off in your to-do list log!


fmLogAnalyser does not just show the errors,

it also highlights any warnings

and grays out cancelled imports

(which are all really difficult to read correctly in the import.log!)

For example, if objects are renamed when you insert them, or if FileMaker automatically adds a missing external reference (which may be an undesirable self-reference) warnings are flagged up.

Don't just think you are right, PROVE you are right!

 If fmLogAnalyser gives you a green light, it proves you are right*.

* or at least very nearly - there are some IMPORTANT considerations: 

- There are some limitations in the FileMaker clipboard, that you must know about and account for (Layout objects, custom functions, field calculation context, import records script step, themes), but I shall cover these in a coming blog entry. Nevertheless a green OK from fmLogAnalyser is way way better than a believed OK from your belly.

- fmLogAnalyser is NOT multilingual! To get want the most out of it, use english or german.

Happy - and good, clean - FileMaking!


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